performing groups:

camerata urbana ensemble

This record by a very special artist will go down as one of the most significant works of music. Its power, significance and beauty will forever linger in the soul, where all musical art is enjoyed to the fullest.
— Latin Jazz Network
On Orbiting, the erudite Ortiz has smashed every preconception of Latin pianists and his penchant for innovative expression succeeds in surpassing the output of his musical contemporaries.
— All About Jazz

aruán ortiz solo piano open invitation to accompany him on a musical journey that spans his Cuban roots, contemporary classical music, improvisation and what he calls, “an architecture of sounds.
— Latin Jazz Network

aruán ortiz trio

Vladimir Horowitz’s momentum mixed with Cecil Taylor’s palette, underlining Taylor’s debt to Cuba more than Ortiz’s debt to Taylor.
— MetalJazz Magazine

AruÁn ortiz and bob gluck "textures & pulsations"


Obliterating boundaries, placing a few new ones, yet never looking back, Gluck and Ortiz are bold, brave and inspiring.
— Times Union

music & architecture series

The project "Music & Architecture" is a musical re-interpretation of concepts and motifs from iconic architectural works. These concepts include fractals found in African architecture, the use of reflection in Middle Eastern architecture, the arabesque and it's various forms, and the presence of alchemy in Antonio Gaudí's 'Sagrada Familia.' This original concept is a first in jazz and improvised music. Initially part of a series of performances, it now comprises a solid group of musicians featuring the legendary bassist Rufus Reid and saxophonist Don Byron, and Francisco Mora-Catlett on drums and Aruán Ortiz on piano and compositions.

societé florinto ensemble